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Ottawa Drive and Shoshone Drive, Dorrington CA


(155 miles or about 3 hours driving time)


Take Hwy 80 to Hwy 580 EAST to Hayward.


Stay on 580 East you will go past Livermore and the wind mills (Altamont Pass)

580 then merges into Hwy 205 NORTH to Tracy/Stockton

Take Hwy 5 to Downtown Stockton

(Do not exit on to Hwy 4 West surface street, keep going 1/4 mile)


Exit to Hwy 4 EAST DOWTOWN STOCKTON connector to Hwy 99

Exit to Hwy 99 SOUTH


Go about 2 miles (second exit) to Hwy 4 exit to Angels Camp, Farmington Road.

Go right and then right again over the over pass to Hwy 4 to Farmington EAST


Stay on 4 till you get to Angels Camp (40 miles or so)

TURN RIGHT, go three blocks.

Turn left at the KFC (short cut on Murphy's Grade Road) to Murphy's.


Go through the town of Murphy's.

After the main street ends turn left back on to Hwy 4 in Murphy's.


Go through the towns of Avery, Arnold, and Dorrington (about 15 miles or so).

About 2 miles later is Camp Connell (Store and Chevron Station on right)


After 1/8 mile, turn right on to OTTOWA DR.

Go three short blocks, TURN LEFT ON TO SHOSHONE DR.


Cabin is 1/8 mile on LEFT on SHOSHONE DR., you can drive in either direction of the driveway, it loops around.



Arriving At Night

It is advisable to bring along a flashlight in your car if you are arriving at night. The entrance to the driveway (which parallels the road) is not easy to see. When you turn left onto Shoshone Drive the street will curve to the right and the driveway entrance is about 100 ft ahead on the left. It's hard to see the driveway entrance or street number that hangs from a tree. There are motion detector lights that go on once you go down the stairs to the first landing. Follow the deck down to the left side of the cabin to get to the front door.

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